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The mod works smooth on all the andriod devices with version 4.4 and above and wait for the release, an iOS version of the Clash Royale Mod will soon be released too.

The internet has been quite a scary place with all the long, complicated processes on "how to install a mod" and we know that you're a bit scared too. But, you have nothing to worry about. The installation process is as simple as installing an apk and don't panic, we'll guide you through each step so you have no trouble whatsoever.

The features range from everything in the store unlocked to getting unlimited gems. NOW HOW GREAT IS THAT!

The Clash Royale mod download is your link to an amazing world of free style gaming. You'll have to spend absolutely no money and no energy to get this thing done. Some clicks here and there, a little time of patience and there you go! Spend endless hours playing one of the most popular games in the world and that too without any stress.


Not just this, we have so much more.

Clash Royale has thrilled gamers since it's very first launch and it always will. But what the mod has to offer, you'll find nowhere else. Unlimited gems can get you from nothing to everything. With the game turning to a boring and tedious point, the Clash Royale hack or as we call it, the Clash Royale Mod has every fir you need.

Now, that you are here, what's the wait for?

Where to download?

With the best collection of mods and apks from all over the internet, we are here to offer you yet another one!

That's right. Click on the Clash Royale download link down below and wait till the downloads.

Not too big, the download would start and end in a blink.

Worried about malware and virus? Well, donโ€™t be because we assure 100% safe and secure apks.

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Now, how do you install the mod?

Well, this is the easiest part. Follow the steps down below.

1.Download the game hack/mod file of Clash Royale MOD apk from here or from the Download section below.

2.Now save the MOD apk wherever you wish to and go to Settings.

3.Enable the option to allow the apps to be installed from Unknown sources.

4.Then install the apk file in your device just like any ordinary app. You can install it even without uninstalling the official apk of Clash Royale.

5.Open the Clash Royale HACK app (Clash Royale Mod hack app).

6.You are now connected to the Clash Royale private servers and have unlimited gems and money

Hope you are all ready to begin an amazing journey with the all new Clash Royale MOD. If not, then click on the Clash Royale download button right now because the best time is now.

If you have any trouble with anything related to installation, downloading or the game, feel free to drop a comment or write to us.

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Stay tuned for more amazing mods and apks!