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✅ Download GTA Vice City For Android (APK+ OBB) Cheats and Hack!

gta vice city apk
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All you need to know about GTA Vice City


Download Grand Theft Auto Vice City apk on your android device for FREE!! Yes, you got it right, FOR FREE!!!

First things first, Introduction.

gta vice city apk

We all know about the popularity of GTA games and especially about this famous one. Yes, I am talking about “THE ULTIMATE, GTA VICE CITY”. The same game which we have all played on our desktops and play stations where destroying the city, creating chaos and driving cool cars like a greyhound used to give nothing but orgasmic satisfaction.

How about I tell you that the game is back but this time on your android device. Sounds exciting? If not, how about I tell you that you can now play the same GTA VICE CITY on your android device for FREE!!!. Sounds exciting now? Read this blog about GTA Vice City and know all you need to know about this game and how to get it on your android phones. Not just that, you can also learn how you can play this game with the same cheats on your phones that you must have used on your computers.

About The Game

Before you learn how to download the game on your android device, its important for you to understand what is the game about so that your game experience becomes much more better and much much more exciting.

GTA vice city is one of the thirteen Grand Theft Auto games launched by Rockstar Games. Since its launch in 2002, this game has been attracting millions of people and the charm still remains the same till date. Isn’t it? Why else would you be reading it?

The game revolves around major real life socio events that happen on two major islands within the vice city. It has become one of a kind when it comes to games involving third person’s perspective. The game’s designer Rockstar north and publisher Rockstar games ensured the game gets the best elements, graphics and of-course, an authentic storyline.

Lets come to the thrilling part of the game. Its STORYLINE.

Tommy Vercetti (yeah that’s you who is playing) the protagonist or I would like to call him the hero of the game is sent by his boss Sonny Forelli to get him profit from the drug trade in the vice city. Sonny, the boss wants his money back but there are so many obstacles in his way. Tommy makes his way in the city and kills, steals and finishes operations for Sonny. He also kills Diaz (one of the villains) in his big mansion. And yes, Tommy expands his business and betrays his former boss and his partner Lance.

While you read the storyline, I am sure some glimpses of the game must have hit your mind. Nostalgia, hitting already? So, lets refresh your wonderful memory and take you to some of the best moments about the game.

Happy Memories From GTA Vice City

gta vice city apk

Its always fun to see blood oozing out of neck after it is shot at.

Well, how can we forget club Malibu and the hot chicks. We all loved them, didn’t we?

Let the Police chase you when you have the blinking stars and then bring in a ‘PANZER’ and destroy the city. Finally, the best part, the cheats. Enter the cheat ‘LEAVEMEALONE’ and walk out like a free bird. Oh, bird don’t walk, do they?

Dive into the sea and enter SEAWAYS and enjoy the relaxing sea ride.

Also, how can we forget the most difficult DILDO DODO mission. Crashing the plane into the buildings and somehow reaching the checkpoints and then realizing the fuel is running low. It was fun, wasn’t it?

Now that you have recalled such great glimpses of the game, I am sure you are definitely looking forward to install it. If yes, I have got just the thing for you in the next section. INSTALLATION GUIDE.

Hey guys, install GTA Vice City APK on your android device and enjoy it anywhere and everywhere, in classrooms during boring lectures :p, at a café while sipping your favorite drink, or while travelling and not getting bored. And yes, you can thank us later.

Install GTA Vice City apk

gta vice cty apk

GTA vice city is very easy to install, just follow these simple steps.

  • Download the GTA Vice city apk from the link at the end of the article.
  • Download the obb zip file from the link at the end of the article.
  • Post which you need a zip file extractor (from play store) to extract your obb zip file. We recommend RAR extractor because we have tried it ourselves and it works smoothly and is easy to use.
  • Once you have these three things downloaded you are almost there.
  • Install the apk file on your phone. Once you have done that unzip the obb zip file using the RAR extractor and copy the obb folder in your android mobile Settings- Android- obb
  • And yes, its done. Now all you need to do is open your GTA Vice City and enjoy the game. I am sure you will like the game and everyone around you will surely be jealous.

  • Well, now that you have installed the GTA Vice City on your android, there comes a question what about the cheat codes Sir? Can we use the cheat codes as we used to on our desktops? So, I don’t like to disappoint but the answer is ‘Y’ ‘E’ ‘S’. You can use the cheat codes for GTA Vice City apk and here is a little trick to use the cheat codes and conquer the game.

    GTA Vice City APK Cheats

    Yes, that’s right you can now use cheat codes as you must have used on your PC’s. Follow these simple steps and enable cheat codes for your GTA Vice City android app.

    • Download the hacker’s keyboard from google play store.
    • Once the app is installed go to android settings- languages and input and set your current keyboard as hacker’s keyboard.
    • Open settings of your hacker’s keyboard and tick the use permanent notification option.
    • You will see the hacker’s keyboard tab on the dropdown menu permanently.
    • Finally, while playing GTA Vice City scroll down the menu from top and tap hacker’s keyboard and type your favourite cheat code and enjoy the game to the fullest.

    Wondering what are some of my favourite cheat code for GTA Vice City?

    • NUTTERTOOLS : Gives you weapon set 3 (my favourite set of weapons) enjoy the superb ammos.
    • ASPIRINE : Gives you health (Of course no one wants to die in the game and in reality too :p)
    • PANZER: You can ride a rhino tank (We all want to set the city on fire. *pure evil instincts*)
    • SEAWAYS: Lets your wheels hover over water. Yes, that’s possible.
    • BIGBANG: Explodes the nearby cars ( the best one )

    Use more cheats like these by clicking the below link and rule the city and complete the missions. Good luck peeps!

    About the download

    GTA Vice City apk (a free version of the game) is available on the android play store. Download GTA Vice City for android through the link below and enjoy other benefits such as cheat codes and a lot more. This APK version is available for any android users (All you should have is an internet connection :p). Enjoy the game, bring on the beautiful memories back and thank us later :D.


    Query Box

    • Is it really possible to download GTA Vice City for android for free?

    Yes, It is possible. We have tried and tested this installation method with the help of link below. Works perfect on android phones and is easy to install.

    • Do we need to root the android phone to install GTA Vice City apk?

    In capital letters NO. To download GTA Vice City apk, it is not required to root the phone. You just need an internet connection and follow the installation steps.

    • Can the cheat codes work without the hacker’s keyboard?

    No, its not possible to use cheat codes without the hacker’s keyboard. Once you have installed the keyboard it is indeed very simple and easy to use.

    • Why trust us and risk downloading the GTA Vice City apk?

    Well, this method is tried and tested from our team which works perfectly with the android phones. We believe in providing authentic data to our readers for their continued support.

    • Is it compatible with all the android devices?

    Yes, it is. You can install and repeat the same procedure with any of your android device. It can be your smartphone or your smart tablet.

    ✅ Download GTA Vice City For Android (APK+ OBB) Cheats and Hack!
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    gta vice city apk
    ✅ Download GTA Vice City For Android (APK+ OBB) Cheats and Hack!
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