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✅{HACK}Download Latest Clash Royale Private Server APK [2018] [FHX]

clash royale private server
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Wondering what it is like to have no work and all play? Well, we won't say that for real life but with Clash Royale Private Server you can certainly do that because everything here will be absolutely FREE AND UNLIMITED!

"Clash Royale Private Server is here to offer you the best of deal. With unlimited gems and gold, there is nothing you can't do! "

Play the best of the game only on the Clash royale Private server

No matter if you are a newbie or a pro, Clash Royale Private Server will be worth every shake of your time.

Create the most powerful decks, defeat your enemy in a shack and have endless hours of the greatest gaming experience with the CLASH ROYALE PRIVATE SERVER!

And this is just a few things, we have a lot more!

Read on....


Why use a Private Server?

Earn and spend

Earn and spend

Earn and spend


We are already tired from our jobs, why do it in the game as well?

Games are supposed to be fun, why do you worry about stocking up your resources and calculating to use them wisely throughout the game. We've already been doing that in our REAL lives.

Use your skills to destroy enemies and be the top player in the game, leave the rest to the awesomeness of the Clash Royale Private server.

NO MORE WORRY ABOUT COLLECTING GEMS AND GOLD, with this private server the only thing you need to worry about how you gonna kick your enemy's ass!




  • STORE U​​​​NL​​​​OCKED









And let me tell you, this was just a brief of what Clash Royale Private server offers. There is a hell lot more for you to explore!

clash royale private server

Clash Royale Private Server apk is a free modified version of the original Clash Royale game which is a tower rush strategy game available both on Play Store and App store as well. Combining multiplayer online battles, Clash Royale Private server offers card collection, collecting new troops, tower defense, attacking opponent’s base, upgrading troops to max level to make them more powerful and insane and much more. You get ranked according to your performance and arena level.

We all know gems are one of the most important elements of game that are hard to collect. They can be used to start tournaments, enter challenges and purchase cards, chests, character cards and gold from the shop. The game offers players the ability to purchase gems using currency. But why to purchase them when you get them for absolutely free from our private servers.

Now, let's get into a little detail.

What are Clash Royale Servers?



As you are well aware about the fact that Clash Royale is an online multiplayer game that is controlled by the private servers of SuperCell. Therefore, it is almost impossible to hack / crack / patch the gameplay and have unlimited resources like gems and coins. Even an attempt of doing so may lead to temporary or permanent ban of your account.


You can still have unlimited resources including gems, coins and elixir. With all these unlimited resources you can unlock new characters and upgrade them to the max level and unlock various chests within seconds.

The Clash royale private server provides you with all these necessities and give you a better and smoother, lag free gameplay for practice. You can practice with other players, learn new strategies and make yourself a pro player.

But, how does it work?

That's what we are going to talk about next.

How Does Clash Royale Servers Work?



As mentioned earlier that Clash Royale hack is hosted by our private servers offered by and won’t affect your official account of Clash Royale in any aspect.

The servers have their own database client services. The players using the hack app can’t play with players of official Clash Royale server’s players. Our servers are not connected in anyway with the official servers of SuperCell. We have our own client services to provide you with lag free multiplayer battles, clan battles, tournaments, war conductors etc.

The servers work in the same way the official servers of SuperCell work. The only difference is that we provide you with unlimited resources and the ability to unlock all new chests and characters and upgrade them to max level within minutes. These servers provide you with your favorite spells, defenses, troops, characters, etc. from Clash of Clans and make your gameplay better than it was ever before.

Clash Royale Server Apk Hack for Android [NO ROOT]


To play using our private servers you need to have our hack / mod apk installed on your device. You can easily download this app from the download section below. The apk is patched for almost all Android devices so you won’t face any problem while installing or playing it.

But, there are some stuff you'll need to do before you install the Apk


The prerequisites for using the Clash Royale Servers Hack App are as follows:


Your device should be running on Android v4.4 or above. This won’t run or even get installed on any older version than v4.4.


The app does not require root access. It means you can run it on almost every android phone, whether it is rooted or non-rooted.

3. RAM

Your device must have 512MB or more RAM otherwise the app won’t run properly and will lag very frequently.


An empty space of 110MB on your internal storage to get the game apk file installed successfully and run without any lag.



The app is almost similar to the official Clash Royale app and is much simple to use. This might come in really handy when you want to practice for your tournaments, clan wars and multiplayer battles. It provides you with some really cool features, all compressed in a single file.

  • Gems are one of the most important elements of the game that are hard to collect. Well, why to worry when you get unlimited gems with Clash Royale Private Server    
  • Not only this you will also receive free and unlimited gems, coins and elixir that can be generated again even if you run out of any of these resources.
  • All the new characters, cards, tournaments, multiplayer battles, clan wars and updates have been matched with the current official version of game available on Play Store.
  • You can even ask your friends to join our servers and then add your friends to create a clan for donations, clan wars, battles, tournaments etc.
  • As soon as you make a clan you can have along with friendly battles, clan wars and battles with other clans that already using the private server.
  • Our developer team offers a private and fully secure server along with an intelligent bot, so that you practice perfectly with ease.
  • Similar to the original game’s servers, the mod / hack apk also uses a private IP and client service to connect to the modded server automatically offered by
  • The servers are hosted with full protection and do not share or leak any data of yours on internet until and unless you share any detail of yours on clan chats.
  • You can even save your data and progress in our server’s gameplay as well. Just make a new Gmail account or Facebook and login using that account so that you do not lose any data on your official gameplay and simultaneously play through our server game as well.
  • We offer you private and safe servers that won’t lead you to ban from the official servers of SuperCell.

We have personally tested the hack / mod app files in our devices, rooted and no-rooted both, and that’s the major reason to recommend you this version of app for Clash Royale hack.

It will be really fun playing with unlimited times the elixir what we get actually in official gameplay. And those unlimited gems will do all the pending work of unlocking new and amazing characters along with upgrading them to max level in matter of a few seconds!

The servers go in with proper maintenance once or twice in a month. This maintenance will provide you with better and smooth experience making the app bug free and smooth to use. We keep updating the app according to the updates about battles, tournaments and special gifts as offered by official app of Clash Royale by SuperCell.

Steps to Install


To install the game successfully without any problem you need to follow certain steps. The steps are as follows:

NOTE: Although, the hacked app of Clash Royale is free to use, it still has some in-app purchases that you can buy for real currency using net banking or debit cards. If you don’t want to use this feature disable the in-app purchases in your device’s settings. Also, according to the terms of policy and use you must be at least 13 years of age to download and play this private server based hack version of the game. Violation of any of these rules may lead you to ban from our private servers.

1.  For installing this app you need to grant the permission to your device to install apps and games from unknown sources as well. Here unknown sources belong to the apps not available on Google Play Store.

2.  Go to Settings -> Additional Settings -> Allow installation of apps from unknown sources.

3. Now download the game hack/mod apk file of Clash Royale from here or from the link available in Download section below.

4. Now install the apk file in your device just like any ordinary app. You can install it even without uninstalling the official apk of Clash Royale.

5. As soon as the app gets installed open the Clash Royale app (the hack app) and start playing.

6. You are now connected to the private servers of Clash Royale hack app offered by and have unlimited gems and coins as well.

REMEMBER: Make sure you don’t login with your Gmail account or any other account like Facebook connected with your official gameplay. This may lead you to ban from the official servers of SuperCell.

FIX: While Loading App Stuck at 50%

Some users may or may not face this problem but if you do, don’t worry you can easily fix it. After you open the Clash Royale app it may get stuck at 50% at the loading screen and won’t load successfully even after closing and reopening it. To fix this error follow the instructions given below:

1. Clear the app from recent apps menu. In old Samsung and Micromax devices you can access recent apps menu by long pressing the home button.

2. Now head to the ‘Main Settings’ of your device.

3. Scroll down and find the ‘Application’ option. Click on it and find the installed / downloaded apps option in the same settings of Applications.

4. Find Clash Royale hack app that you just installed on your phone and tap on it to enter its options and settings.

5. Tap on Clear Data button to clear all the data of the app so that when you reopen the app, it will process and will work as a newly installed apk file.

6. If your device is running on Android 6.0 Marshmallow then you would need to click on Storage and then you will find the option to clear data.

7. Now use the Force Stop option from the same settings options available there to shut down the app completely.

8. Get back to Clash Royale hack app after a minute and start enjoying the game from our Private Servers.

9. If you still face any problem then uninstall the Clash Royale mod app and reboot your device. Then re-install the apk file again after device gets rebooted successfully.

So,what are you waiting for now?


CLASH ROYALE HACK download now

You can easily download the game’s apk file. To download the file Click Here.

The app is dead simple to use and can be used on almost every android phone. You got yourself playing the popular game Clash Royale with unlimited gems, elixir and coins. You can play with any card in any arena of your choice as you have unlimited resources.

The guide to install this hack app is fucking easy. You can do it within minutes without any major issue and still if you face some minor problems, we have already got you with the most frequent errors and FAQs. Go through them and still if you face some kind of problem do let us know in the comment section below.

I hope this how to install guide of Clash Royale hack app and servers of Clash Royale was helpful for you and I’m damn sure you will definitely enjoy playing with your friends with this hack. You can share your thoughts about this hack app with us in the comment section and let us know did you like these private servers and the services offered by us?

✅{HACK}Download Latest Clash Royale Private Server APK [2018] [FHX]
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clash royale private server
✅{HACK}Download Latest Clash Royale Private Server APK [2018] [FHX]
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